Six Wacky Ideas That Work

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We\'ve all sometimes had brilliant moments of innovation; however, we are often afraid of giving it a try. Moreover, when your inside mad inventor starts to produce out-of-the-wall ideas, it can be too hard to know if it will be a business or not.


The following ideas are among the wackiest that you may probably laugh at initially, but with the creativity and can-do attitude, those entrepreneurs really find their own niche market as well as make a fortune with millions of dollars.


SunRun Inc.

Business: Residential solar - panel leasing for homeowners

Let the sun in - Lynn Jurich of SunRun

Let the sun in - Lynn Jurich of SunRun


The price of $40,000 makes residential solar panel not an ideal choice to anyone in the time of recession. When observing that market situation, Lynn Jurich - President of SunRun - found a way to protect her business by offering homeowners the more affordable alternative of leasing the solar panels on long - term contract. With SunRun, homeowners pay little or no cost to switch to home solar, and simply pay monthly for solar electricity, locking in low rates for 18-20 years. SunRun takes on the responsibility of ownership, giving its customers total peace of mind. To pay-off her strategy, SunRun saw 400% growth in revenue this year.



Chicken Diapers

Business: Diapers for pet chickens

Chick! Keep it clean, and fashionable

Chick! Keep it clean and fashionable


Ruth Haldeman adopted two orphan chickens, who did poop a lot. She decided to make cloth diapers for them to keep her house clean. And Pop! she started receiving orders, so she built a website and started her own business.


Moman Sales Inc.

Product: "The Limer" a lime-shaped plastic bottle opener

Genius man Matt Moman with his \'The Limers\'

Genius man Matt Moman with his "The Limers"


Matt Moman loved Corona beer brand a lot, and he really likes limes too. When he found out how lime would make a perfect match for Corona beer brand, he began to make "The Limer" - the bottle opener in the shape of a lime. He received the agreement from Corona to make "The Limer" the official New Corona Extra Lime Bottle Opener. So now you will have a bottle opener that looks like a real lime, feels like a real lime and size of a really lime. Is it cool enough?


Spirit Hoods LLC

Business: Faux fur hats that resemble skinned, stuffed animals

Alexander and company in their bobcat hat

Alexander and companies in their bobcat hat


Alexander Mendeluk saw his future when his special and funny bobcat hat stunned everybody in the party. He teamed up with some friends and launched their first business at Las Vegas. At present. their skinned, stuffed animal hats become a hot commodity for celebrities, especially Hip-hop stars. Mendeluk is confident that they will reach $1 million dollar sales at no trouble.


Chic and You Shall Find

Business: Online vintage clothing boutique where every garment has a "past life"

Brenna Egan - Creator of Chic and You shall find

Brenna Egan - Creator of Chic and You Shall Find


Have you ever thought what would a cloth tell you if it can speak? Brenna is a fashion editor and a romantic minded person. She opened an online vintage clothes boutique, and for each article of clothing, she made a romantic \'past life\' description. Every cloth has a cute \'past life\' name, and a loving story to tell.


Dig This

Business: A construction playground where people can play with heavy equipment such as bulldozers and excavators

Dig This: The biggest \'sandlot\' to play around

Dig This: The biggest "sandlot" to play around


Ed Mumm hired some construction equipments to clear the land and build his home, then he realized the wonderful experience when he drove  those extensive machine. He started his adventures to set-up Dig This company. Now, Mumm has 600 clients a year paying to play those "heavy-equipment adventures" in his five-acre "sand box".


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Six Wacky Ideas That Work

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